Meet Renter Center

How times change..

Renter Center, Inc. opened in 1969, but the location was a Conoco gas station that had been run by the Mason family prior to becoming an equipment rental store.  It was a transition into the rental business.  Dean Mason, founder of Renter Center started to rent his own personal tools at customer’s requests and the business grew from there.  Kim Mason started at the business pumping gas and cleaning the restrooms at 10 years old.  He has been there since.  His father (Dean) passed away in 1975.  Kim, his brother John and their mother, Donna continued to run and grow the business.

Into the 21st Century..

Kim and Darsi Mason purchased Renter Center from the matriarch, Donna Mason, 2005.  They are owner/managers and have continued to grow and expand the business.  In 2007, they opened the party rental end of the business,  The Party Center moved into a larger location in 2010 and is Southern Idaho’s premier event rental store.